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Mulch and Bed Maintenance

mulch bed maintenance

Mulch Bed Maintenance and Planting in Poquoson and Peninsula VA

We provide mulch bed maintenance and planting in Poquoson and Peninsula VA for commercial and residential customers. Keeping planting beds mulched and weeded adds an aesthetic appeal to your property and requires regular maintenance. Cuts from the Sun will keep your property looking good with regular weed control, mulching, and planting services.

Why is mulching important?

It is important to keep a layer of mulch on your planting beds to protect your plants by providing moisture retention and weed control. Mulch will reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil, reducing your need to water your plants. Mulch also provides needed nutrients to sandy soil that is found in our area. Mulch helps protect plants from temperature changes, acting as an insulator to delicate plant roots. Mulch adds curb appeal to your property, it comes in various colors and is useful in outdoor decorating.

mulch bed plantings

Residential and Commercial Landscape Planting

We offer residential and commercial landscape planting services in Poquoson and Peninsula VA. Whether you want to spruce up existing landscape or start from scratch we can help.

Cuts from the Sun knows the plants that thrive for our Southern Virginia climate and will plan an easy maintenance landscape that meets your needs and budget. We choose annuals, perennials, and tree and shrub varieties that perform well in our region. Investing in new landscape can add to the value of your home or business and also help sell your property faster and for more profit. Talk to our experts about your landscaping goals now!