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Residential Lawn Care Service

Cuts from the Sun Electric Residental Lawn Care Service

cuts from the sun electric lawn mowing

Cuts from the sun offers residential electric lawn service to clients of Poquoson and the Peninsula. Our equipment is the best and quietest cut you can get for the same price as our competitors. We offer regular lawn service with edging, trimming and blowing using our electric powered mowers that are a cleaner and quieter alternative to traditional lawn service.

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How often do you provide residential lawn service?

We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn service to residential customers. Depending on your requirements, we will make a schedule that meets your specific needs. Lawns are mowed to a uniform height and string trimmers are used for grass not accessible by mowers. Driveways and sidewalks are edged to leave clean edges, and hard surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and back patios are blown off for a clean finish.

What are the benefits of battery-operated equipment?

Battery powered equipment has several benefits. The first thing our clients notice is how quiet our our equipment is.  Many times we start early in the morning and we do not want to wake you or your children. Nobody wants to wake up to the sound of noisy , stinky lawn mowers outside first thing in the morning. Our clients usually comment they didn’t even know we were here. We also use battery-powered trimmers, edger, and blowers to complete the quiet, eco-friendly mowing service. 

Is it more expensive?

Our prices are competitive with our gas-burning competitors.   Our electric equipment was a greater upfront cost than buying traditional gas mowers, but the cost of ownership is much less over time. Just like electric cars, we do not need to spend as much on fuel and our maintenance over time is less expensive. Also, we really like the fact that we are not contributing to pollution levels and provide a better, quieter experience for you!

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