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Spring and Fall Yard Cleanup

yard cleanup

Spring and Fall Yard Cleanup in Poquoson and the Peninsula VA

We provide Spring and Fall yard cleanup service in Poquoson and the Peninsula VA for commercial and residential customers. Let’s face it, we are all busy! When the leaves fall from the trees in the fall we don’t have time to clean up the property.

Piles of leaves and branches that fall can cause a hazard on your property as well as being unsightly. Leaves can smother new lawn growth, as well as trap moisture and lead to mold and fungus growth. Removing leaves prevents moisture from getting trapped and eliminates mold and other dangerous diseases.

Keep your lawn healthy and free of spiders and pests such as snakes that will hide under leaves. We can help! Cuts from the Sun offers full service cleanups for spring, fall, move-in, move-out and cleanups prior to listing a home or business for sale. We have the right equipment to get the job done- and remove all yard debris for you. We can also handle mulch bed cleanup and planting too.